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Millennial Accounting Consultation Services

Not-for-Profit Entity Formation

So you want to help make the world a better place?  We applaud you!  However, the IRS has very stringent standards for non-profits and requires scrutiny of all filings right from the start.  Let us help you navigate the complicated process of forming a not-for-profit entity and applying for tax-exempt status from the IRS and Oklahoma Secretary of State.  We will help you form the new entity, obtain Power of Attorney for your entity, prepare the necessary financial statements, & complete IRS Form 1023 and OK SOS Form 101.

Prices starting at $1500

New Business Start-Up

Starting your own new business can be scary.  Let Millennial Accounting ease the anxiety by starting you off on the right foot.  We will help you determine what entity form your new venture should be as well as the various tax implications of your operations.  We will assist in setting up your new business with the Oklahoma Secretary of State, obtaining and ID (FEIN) number with the IRS, and filing the proper entity forms, as necessary.  We will go over the need for keeping proper records and the best ways to do so.  Includes unlimited consultation within the first 30 days after you start operations.

Prices starting at $750

Business Operations

You have been running your business for some time now but you feel as if you are missing something or you have questions regarding improving your business operations.  Who better to help you find direction and build solid foundations than your CPA?  Using experience derived from the audit of hundreds of businesses of a wide variety of types, we will provide you with the knowledge and perspective necessary to help your business grow.  During the one appointment (up to two hours), you will have all of your questions answered, gain a deeper understanding of your business including record keeping, and find that missing piece to the puzzle that will unlock your success.

Prices starting at $250